Is the above title exciting? Do you look forward to that bureaucracy? Probably not. But we are accountants and our resident FCA does this for a living.

Once the year-end accounts have been drafted our FCA reviews these and discussed with the client.  Once finalised these are submitted to Companies House.  Board approval is properly minuted in our Company Secretariat Software.  At the same time, the Corporation Tax Return is drafted and agreed with the client and subsequently filed.

Throughout the year, other Secretariat matters are dealt with.  For example, appointment and termination of the appointment of Company Officers.  Filing of the annual Confirmation statement is done.  Share registers and register of directors are kept up to date.

Another set of activities that you can say goodbye to.

Even if you do not want to outsource your Finance function or accounting tasks we can still undertake the Secretariat function for companies.  If any of the above is of interest to you please get in touch.

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