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real-life business issues

We are an accounting practice and software solutions business focussed on delivering productivity improvements, enhanced controls and consistently high levels of service. Our Directors have many years of practical experience working within the Finance areas of many business sectors.  They have seen at first hand the challenges and issues faced every day within Finance departments.  They challenged themselves to conceive, build and deliver solutions to real-life business issues encountered over the years.

Seeing problematic issues at first hand prompted the development of our own software solutions, tested first in-house.  If a product or service made our lives easier then it was developed further with a view to deploy more widely.  It was quickly realised that our software was saving us significant time as well as money, and it was also clear we had a much tighter grip and understanding of our accounting transactions.

our software

Before we start a development project we ask and answer some basic questions.  What problem are we solving?  Is it a real problem worth solving? Can we design a pragmatic solution?  Will it be cost-effective for a business?  If the answer to all the questions leads us to conclude that we can deliver a cost-effective solution to a real problem worth solving then we build the product.   Our solutions are cloud-based, so no need for a business to install and maintain software.  The solutions are multi-user, multi-currency, and use the right tools for the job.  For example, our Purchase Invoice Management Systems uses Artificial Intelligence; our banking solutions uses Open Banking.


By deploying our cloud-based solutions a business can gain the benefits without the need to install, maintain and update software.

Each product is based on sound principles of what a business really needs and are simple, efficient and very user friendly, suitable for businesses of different sizes and complexities. Collectively or individually, any product from our portfolio of cloud-based software solutions will help in the smooth running of your business.

The expectation is that a business using our solutions will improve its internal process & procedures; save resource; improve controls gain and move more to have information as opposed to processing transactions.  Information is power.

What our clients say

Fiona Naysmith
Director, Red Anchor Recruitment Limited

As a busy recruitment agency for senior staff, I don’t want to worry about my back office accounting.  Entigy have been my Finance function since starting 8 years ago and I don’t even have to think about it.  The team are absolutely brilliant and it lets us carry on with our day jobs.  Would highly recommend.

Peter Evans
Director, Airpool Limited

I have used Entigy to help me on a number of businesses. Outsourcing finance functions to Entigy has allowed to work on a business not in it and safe in the knowledge that all back-office activity is being looked after. Whenever I need extra help they are there to provide it.

Gavin Miller
CEO and Founder, JetNow

JetNow are a new, ground-breaking travel agent, disrupting the market with its’ ‘travel now pay later’ approach.  We need to have strong financial controls and the Purchase Invoice Management System from Entigy gives us efficient and very effective control over all the invoices coming into the business.

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