Our TravelARC software can handle a few thousand or several hundred thousands of transactions daily, reconciling bookings with receipts and payments, helping your business to control and account for those transactions - automatically!

Working with medium to large businesses our software helps your finance function in the key areas of Accounting, Reconciliation and Control.

TravelARC pulls down your booking data, pulls in bank and card data and reconciles the entries before you are awake in the morning.  It generates accounting postings for your ledger.  You just need to look at a few exceptions instead of thousands upon thousands of lines to reconcile.

Working with various booking engines, linking to dozens of data sources, TravelARC can assist your business.

Apart from the Accounting, Reconciliation and Control aspects of the system, you can expect significant resource savings allowing staff to be deployed on more added-value tasks.  Improved accounting control information may help to reduce leakage of revenue, and ensure that your business is properly handling receivable and payables.  Stay on top of chargebacks; identify missed receipts; avoid incorrect supplier payments and more.

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