This isn't just about cost cutting. You may see improved reporting, faster turnaround, improved communications.

Our aim is not just to undertake transaction processing.  Our use of systems is designed to provide the client with greater transparency, improved reports and even better control than if the work was undertaken in-house.

For example, the software used for the Purchases Cycle gives you real-time online transparency of Purchase invoices and their current approval status.  Our system provides on-line reports, a complete and permanent on-line archive.  There are controls that many businesses do not have.  When we process Purchase Invoices we do a lot more than most in-house teams.

Our payroll bureau does more than just process the pay run and send you reports.  We provide employer and customer portal, and can make payments on your behalf using our contracted BACS bureau.

We can process almost every kind of transaction, from low volumes to extremely high volumes.  We have no doubt that our system set-up, because it has to cope with such a variety of situations, goes beyond what most companies have.

So, lower cost, improved reporting and control, many additional features.  Please call to discuss if this appeals to you.

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